Having a problem. Wrote program originally as VB Console using Sub procedures, had to change it to Function. It worked as sub procedures, but now as function it won't calculate correctly, I actually have two that are doing the same thing because of the procedure switch! Grr! Any suggestions?

Sub Main()

    Dim dblMidTerm As Double = 0 
    Dim dblFinal As Double = 0
    Dim dblAvgTotal As Double = 0 

    'Calculate Average 
    dblAvgTotal  CalculateTotalAverage(dblMidTerm, dblFinal) 

    ‘Display Average

End Sub 

Private Sub getExamGrades(ByRef dblMidTerm As Double, ByVal dblFinal As Double) 

    Console.Write("What was your midterm exam numerical grade? ") 
    dblMidTerm = CDbl(Console.ReadLine()) 
    Console.Write("What was your final exam numerical grade? ") 
    dblFinal = CDbl(Console.ReadLíne())

End Sub 

Private Function CalculateTotalAverage(ByVal dblMidTerm AS Double, ByVal dblFinal As Double) As Double 

    Dim dblAvgTotal As Double = 0 
    dblAvgTotal = CDbl((dblMidTerm + dblFinal) / 2) 
    Return dblAvgTotal 

End Function 

Private Sub displayTotalAverage(ByVal dblAvgTotal As Double) 

    Console.WriteLine("The average of your midterm and Final grades is " & dblAvgTotal) 

End Sub 

Private Sub terminateProgram() 

    Console.WriteLine("Press the enter key to terminate program. ") 
    Console. Read() 

End Sub 

End Module

In the sample you posted above you aren't calling getExamGrades at all so dblMidTerm and dblFinal never change from zero. You then pass 2 zeros into CalculateTotalAverage and get nothing back.
You are calling getExamGrades in the PDF though.

I copied that from Google Drive and had trouble with the transfer, I thought I had fixed everything. The PDF is exactly what I wrote, and it is dividing by 2 twice, and I can't seem to rectify the problem. I have added parantheses and taken them out, in case of order of operations problem, and nothing worked.

How about changing

dblAvgTotal  CalculateTotalAverage(dblMidTerm, dblFinal) 


dblAvgTotal = CalculateTotalAverage(dblMidTerm, dblFinal) 

Thanks Reverend Jim, But that was an error I missed from the google drive transfer, if you look at the PDF it is there.

OK. Now that I'm awake (I really shouldn't answer questions at 4:00 am), you never call GetExamGrades so your values are always 0.

Can't be that awake, you didn't read my first post ;)
Brandy1, I really can't see what is causing the problem. I have looked at the PDF and gone through it but there isn't any cause for the doubling that I can see. Can you confirm the PDF is the actual code you are using? Maybe re-post the actual code so we stop getting confused.

Clearly it's not my day to be answering questions.

Crazy me, in the first private sub, i didn't call the final grade by reference, only by value! Woo hoo!