Program is doing CTRL+V in textbox. But I want program to do it background when I was outside of frame. Program focus the textbox and press CTRL+V but it paste correct place only when I am in frame. Program press CTRL+V inside but it must works only program not out of frame even I am in out of frame it must be work. I don't want to another copy paste things. I need this one.

I'm not sure what you want is possible. Have you coded this application yourself or is this something you want to achieve in other software?
Naturally, if you selected and copied some text and then hit Ctrl-V of course the text will get pasted into the same textbox, thats where the cursor is.
If you clicked elsewhere so no control had focus how would the OS/software know WHERE to copy the text? It definitely wouldn't decide to paste the text into some control in some form in the background.

This is a form.webbrowser c# aplication. So if you focus some textbox in program, it wouldn't change focus textbox when you are out of form. Everything is going good in background even you give a text background. I want to know if we call a key(CTRL+V), it must use for our background programme.