Please help, this is my first java class. I need help with how to do this assignment:

Grade Calcualtion Program:

write a program to calculate and display the course letter for a cpt236 student. Name your program GradeCalculation. Prompt for and input the

project average,the homework average,3 test scores, the midterm score, and the final score, and test20%,project25%homework25% midterm15% final15%.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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Assignment time again...
Very few of us want to do your homework for you. Seeing as this is a class you are taking you must have covered at least some java programming before this assignment was dropped on you. Thats how classes work.
We will help if you have attempted the question and are actually stuck. You can prove that by posting up some code.

But for now, assuming this is a command line app (which they always seem to be), learn how to structure a java class and receive input from the command line. Thats step one (and shouldn't take more than half an hour on Google).

the best thing to do, is re-read the first chapter(s) of your textbook or course notes.

or better yet, admit to your teacher that you spent the entire semester sleeping rather than paying attention in class, and that all your homework assignments you copied the solution from the internet rather than doing them yourself.
He'll not need you to submit a solution to your assignment when you do that, he'll have no problem calculating your final score without such a program.

As you can see from the above posts, there's little tolerance here for people who just want someone to their homework.
If you want to continue then please explain what you have done so far, why/where you are stuck, and exactly what help you need to make more progress. Then someone will help.

Start by writting out your pseudocode (ie, write the program/math in plain english). Then try to implement it with what you know in class.

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