I have a large gff file 15,6 GB..
I wanna retrieve features from each record..
and for each subjectOrganism in the qualifier feature I will compare it with sorted list of species and get the index of this organism in sorted list.

It work with a small data from the gff file but not with all file... Memory error

in_file = "All_Pred_Profils.gff"  # huge database 15,6 Gb
in_handle = open(in_file)
fo = open("foo.txt", "a") # output file
 for rec in GFF.parse(in_handle):   
    for record in rec.features:
        elem_metadatas = list()
        keyss=('clst_id', 'SubjectScore','SubjectOrganism')
        for key in sorted(record.qualifiers.iterkeys()):
            if key in keyss:
                if key=="SubjectOrganism":
                    load_profile = open('speciess.gff')
                    read_it = load_profile.read()
                    myLine =list()
                    for val in record.qualifiers[key]:
                        for line in read_it.splitlines():
                            if line == val:
                    elem_metadatas.append(str(key) + '=' + str(myLine))
                    elem_metadatas.append(str(key) + '=' + str(record.qualifiers[key]))
        print rec.id    
        print elem_metadatas
        fo.write( rec.id+"\n")
        fo.writelines('\n \n \n \n \n')
        print ("\n \n")

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GFF is undefined and indentation of line 4 is misindented.

This GFF library is most probably loading the entire file in memory which is a big "no-no" when dealing with large files. Assuming you are using this library, give that page a read and if the suggestions there don't work, join the GFF forums and ask them a way to stream the file on fly instead of loading it all in memory.

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