• Actually i am developing music housie game and there is a condition that until 97 songs are not played housie not be completed.
    -And songs are played sequencly.
  • So i am doing is that put 97 number in ticket (every songs have a number ) but there is also a condition that only one person can win full housie so if i am putting 97 in ticket than when play 97 songs there may be numbers of winner can you suggess me what i will do for it.

learn English so you can describe your problem in such a way that people can understand it...
And learn programming so you can implement your solution and show people what you have and tell them where you're stuck.

It seems there's a problem with the rules of the game: "only one person can win full housie" and "there may be numbers of winner".

That is not a Java programming problem. Only you can decide how to change those rules so they are consistent. Then writing the Java will be easier.

  • yaa sure i will improve .
  • Actually i cant change condition it is given to me that only one person can win housie.

Maybe duringthe game you can check for winners and remember who was the first to win. Then after the 97 songs that person will be the final winner?

don't even have to remember who won, just that someone has won at which point the game resets (or just stops).