Is it just me or is Delphi not so popular when it comes to programming laungages?

It is still in use, but often enough it is replaced by C#. It's online presence though has been in decline for a long while.

A search on any job site will show there are very few opportunities for Delphi developers compared to <language of your choice>.

Yeah because I rearely see anything in delphi. Invact I mostly see C++, Pascal or java. But is Java more difficult than Delphi?

I don't know, but I doubt it. Apart from anything else it is probably easier to find online examples, support etc for Java. I like Delphi and will stick with it as my tool of choice, but then I am familiar with it so I am more productive than when I use other languages.

I am surprised that you see Pascal jobs advertised. I rarely see any.

Really? I don't hear of it much but when I did research on programming laungages a while back i read alot about it.

Yes, I agree with you. I also use Delphi because I'm still a student and the department chose Delphi (only two districts do Delphi and the rest do Java), but I heard that once you know one programming launguage it's easier to learn others. I think i would like to learn the others once i get Delphi behind my back.

Back in the late 90's early 2000's Borland's Delphi(object pascal) was still an in demand skillset. Then when Microsoft's .NET finally matured and Borland totally screwed themselves over with the whole we are "Inprise" thing... then they just went downhill fast from there. Now Borland is no more, but Delphi as a development tool is owned by Embarcadero and from what I understand alive and well. I used to write in Delphi for years...still miss it, great tools, good language... Just could not find work doing it as easily so switched to the Microsoft camp to some extent. It's sad really as the Borland tools were always superior to Microsofts, at least when it came to IDE's.

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