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I'm making a pos app and I would like to know if the jpos can control the device which is controlled by xfs written software. The xfs has commands in this format: AFD000 CDMOpenSafeDoor which is for opening the safe door when dispensing or should I also convert mine to xfs command?

1) I don't clearly understand about the creation of jpos.xml file the Logical name is it the Logical name for the device or firmware?

There is also something class that is also required if you will open JposEntry file and scroll down you will see constants that where these info is required and also if I put these there do I still need to create the jpos.xml file?

My program is currently running fine it just that when I choose the amount to withdraw it produce this error "Control not Opened" and I'm sure it is done by that I don't have correct configuration. The code for dispensing is "cashDispenser.dispenseCash(amount);"

Anyone who can help me correctly configure this according to JposEntry I'm using Opteva cashdispenser v I know the Manufacture, and their address.

Thank you

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This is a very specialist subject - it's possible nobodyhere has any experionce with jpos.
The jpos web site links to a user group and a developer's forum - you'll probably have more luck there.

Ok. But if we will put jpos aside and just speak pure java, how to get or control peripherals because that what jpos doing but they have a more advanced method, or perhaps how to make a device interface that communicate with the device connected on a usb port.

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