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I've create a program to capture the images using the webcam and now what I want is that before the image is saved the program verifies if that image has already been taken and saved. Suppose the I have captured my picture and then if I recapture my picture the face it will capture but search if the matching image has been already taken and if the image exist the system will display the message stating that the image has already been taken.

My problem is looping through the saved images and check if the image has already been taken.


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Facial recogition is a reasonably complex and involved solution. I don't think you'll get a response on a forum that would really do it justice.
There are a lot of facial recognition libaries out there, not sure what the cost, but that would be a better alternative then starting from scratch and building the system yourself.
There are other alternatives that can decide if two images are close to each other (matching or nearly identical). If you will have images that aren't faces that would be an easier option (maybe).

If you can't find a free or reasonably priced library you might want to have a look at VisiPics. This is a free application that I found does a pretty good job of comparing images. You can adjust the degree of similarity.

Thanks both of you for your suggestion but I won't be able to do the way I've planned if I buy/download other products unless it a library. I found out this and now the problem is pointing it to look in to directory where there is a list of images like 'C:\test'. Here is the link to what I've found: stackoverflow.com/questions/10899828/vb-net-check-if-image-existing-in-another-image

But this is checking if a certain part or image exist on another image 'checking the existence of an image within image'

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