I'm developing an application where i have to scan the barcode of the driverID and retrieve his information in textbox.
Honestly, i don't know how to deal with this. I'm new in vb.net.

Anyone can help me to give a sample code. please (thannks in advance)

I'm a newbie in VB.NET too. But I googled something for you. Take a look if you are interested.
Download a barcode reader control and unzip it. Then pass your target barcode image file and barcode type to
"BarcodeReader.readBarcode" method. The control will do the rest of the job for you.
Here is a VB sample code:
Dim datas As String = BarcodeReader.readBarcode("C://vbnet-sample-code128.png", BarcodeType.Code128)

if you are newbie then let me explain in common language....its very simple give unique id to every driver with information or whatever you like, in your code or example txt1 is assigned for drivers ID when you
manulay enter the ID in txt1 a find function will run "you have to right it",and the information will appear. so with barcode its just the same case the only difference is driver code is written in barcode form .click on txt1 and use barcode scanner over barcode it will put the barcode ID to txt1 and again the find function will show the data. ihope that you understand.

Let's get one thing clear first, are you using a hardware barcode scanner or do you need to recognize barcodes on an image that's stored on the file system? The two are different beasts, and the former will typically be easier because a hardware scanner will just give you a string on standard input whereas recognition from an image requires a certain measure of library support.

Also, what kind of barcode are we talking about? 1D, 2D?

commented: For his/her sake I hope it's just textbox and query. :D +9

How new are you to VB.NET? Do you need to learn VB.NET first then look at the barcode scanner?

ok guys.,i got your point (satti). And I'm using barcode scaner but i dont know if is 1D OR 2D or whatever it is., what a fool i'am. Only thing that i now is it's multi-interface barcodescanner.

Anyway, i do some research and im moving forward with a new problem, the latest problem is about validation. When i scanned the id the msgbox will appear if it is valid or not, which is good, but when i scanned the other barcode label which not a member of my database account it alo declare as valid. what should i do??