In my opinion, c# is better then java. Espicially because it runs upon the .NET framework. But java can run on virtually any device. They re both alot alike, so which one would be better to learn?

I feel like responding to this question would be like beating a dead horse. It's been asked, answered, debated upon, argued about so many times by now that calling it a redudant question would be a MAJOR understatement. Please, do us all a favor and do a quick google search. Don't make DaniWeb another one of "those" forums.

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You say that like I have'nt done that already.

Then try with both. Install eclipse and write some code, install VS. and write again some code. See which suits you better. The thing is that you can not make a decision at first but after a few months you'll be able to tell by yourself. For me Java is better compared to c# but the sourouding (Eclipse) is not. I can not think of a software development software which would beat Viusal studio... that is why I sticked to C#.

They re both alot alike, so which one would be better to learn?

There you go. They're similar languages, and thus this makes it easier to learn both. So learn both. :)

Apparently it's easier to learn C# if you already know Java, than it is to learn Java if you already know C#.

I've been told it's because C# is a younger language so it was created to close to be a slightly higher level language than Java.

I don't know how true that is but I personally found C# easier than Java.

As DJBirdi said though it's been debated to death.