My girlfriend, as confused as she is when I talk about programming, wants me to program her something. She's away on vacation to Australia right now. Of course, I told her I would program something for her in time for when she gets back.

But the part that I'm stuck on, is what to program for her!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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A photo upload utility that will allow her to upload all of the photos she took in Australia and apply funny filters or something to them. Whatever it ends up being, make sure there's an easter egg hidden somewhere within it that's either super romantic or some type of inside joke only she'll get.

Hmmm, possible, although, I have no idea how to do filters.

Nice idea, although I was on the lines of something a little more simple :P

OK, let's do it this way. What is your area of expertise?

"Back End" programming, limitted GUI, no networking.

Shes absolutely in love with Pokemon, so I was thinking a Pokemon DataBase?

How about a simple Eliza that is chock full of inside jokes between the two of you?

Or you could try ALICE ... it's open source :)

You just need to use AIML (XML-based markup language) to configure it all about your girlfriend.

Hmm, both viable options. I'll look into them!

Make her a secured personal diary

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