I have a set of word macros which I need to share it with my friends. I want to make the job easy for them such that I share them an installable which they will install and all my macros will be automatically added in their PC's MS word s/w (If possible in the MS word ribbon as a shortcut). Is this possible? If yes, please let me know.


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Have you tried using your code as an add-in? I'm certain that all you have to do is save the document with the code with the following extension type "*.dot"

Where your friends would save the add-in really depends on the versions of word they have. You'll need to find that out and then perhaps come back with that information.

Thanks for that info. All the friends have the same version of word...

Which is? Or, did you find the lines of code necessary for your versions?

Word 2010. I have the word macros ready, but I dont know how to make it as an installable to install in other pcs. Thanks.

Just save the .dot in their templates folder ie:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Don't forget to change the username to the username of the folks using this. Then, load the add-in like normal for word. If you need help with loading an add-in, let me know.

Thanks for your quick replies. I will try myself first. If I didnt get it, I will let you know. Thanks

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