Hi,can anyone help me how to start programming With MFC C++ ? and what's the best learning source for it? and is it good to learn that ? i am have some good experience with c++ and i am looking forward to design some gui programs ,i know that there are qt library and wxwidgets but i want to be specialized with MFC.

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Jeff Prosise wrote a couple of good ones back in the mid-nineties. They're very good for understanding MFC.


I doubt that MFC would be a wise choice. For better or for worse, it has largely been abandoned by Microsoft in favor of .NET, and while it is unlikely to be phased out entirely, it is not generally used in new applications.

Was there a specific reason you were looking into MFC as a specialty?

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yes, i am willing to be an SW embedded engineer and c++ is essential to my work and i think it will be nice if i can program GUI using it

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