gud day...i'm just a new member of this sites,is there somebody may help me about turbo c,turbo pascal and fox pro code,i just need a sample basic codes.i've been searching on the net and those info. was so broad and made me so confused..our instructor want us to search and study those codes,so pls....help me...thanks a lot

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Welcome to the forum, Chrysanterus!

Always better if you start a new thread for a request.

I've zipped up all the example programs that I got with Turbo C. You can d/l the self extracting file from Swoopshare, here:

note that this is from an early version. Since then, gets() and flush(stdin), have been deprecated. Use fgets() and getchar() (to pull the newline char off the keyboard buffer after a scanf()), instead.

If you google for C tutorials, you'll find some good one's - including long video's on beginning and intermediate C, from some good universities (Stanford, etc).

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