i got a project in c++ and want to make graph and shaps in c++
but i got this error i am using borland 5.02
if any one knows this please

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Are you able to NOT use borland and use gcc/g++ or MSVC?

it's a 20 year old 16 bit DOS only compiler and library, why do you even assume it's going to work under Windows, let alone a modern version of Windows, which are all 64 bit (or 32 bit at worst)?

my brother this is my first project
and i know just turboo c++ and borland c++
i do not know other please help me to i add
console graphics lite to my project
because i am new to garphics and i garphics.h is not working in this compiler

Depending on the version of Windows you are using, this most likely isn't going to be possible. Windows Vista and later do not support 16-bit legacy code except through virtualization or emulation. Since the Turbo C compiler is for MS-DOS (the predecessor of Windows), and the second may be for either DOS or older (16-bit) versions of Windows, it is safe to say that there is no reasonable way to do this.

I am afraid that the real solution is to bite the bullet and learn how to use a modern compiler and the Windows console API. The compiler that is closest to the Borland one is the Embarcadero C++ Builder, but that is very expensive (over $200 US for the least expensive edition), and even then it isn't all that much like the older systems. A better choice would be either Code::Blocks (which uses the GCC compiler) or Visual Studio Express, both of which are free and up to date.

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