hi!!.. my name is nathan
i am trying to davelop voice to text java application i am required to use javax.speech package and i cant find it on my java packages. if any body knows where i can dowmload it please help!!

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This should lead you to the right place in no time

I can't find it using Google or the jarfinder site. I also can't find any documentation on it. I'm not sure it really exists (or is maintained). You would probably have better luck using Androids libraries and using Android for your application. You could probably use some dirty hacks to use the Android API on a normal JVM to access the TTS and STT.

The snarky comment listed as the first reply wasn't justified. This jar was not that easy to find. Looking through maven I tracked it down:

From the above link you can download freets-1.2.2.jar, and the docs are here:

Looking through the jar, I did find a few classes in the javax.speech package. These are no documented in the source forge docs, but they are included in the download. (You can also download javadocs from the maven central repository.

It is a jar file you may download from any jar finder site..,

llaspina : not easy to find ???? if this is not easy to find, maybe you're not using an efficient search method.

if you want to find the right stuff, go to the source.
I only entered (into google, of course) 'oracle download jsapi'
and within a matter of seconds, I got to this page:


freets (which is actually freetts) is but one implementation, there are several one can choose between. Sun (now Oracle) may have provided the api, without providing an implementation, but they are nice enough to provide information about known implementations.

stultuske: Thanks for filling in the missing acronym: jsapi.
That was really my issue with the LetMeGoogleThatForYou answer. A google search and the jar finder didn't quickly lead me to the required library. I haven't played with the Java Speech API, but it looks interesting and the Oracle link you posted shows just how long this has been around.

it's indeed been around long. not really the most up to date, but then again, it's just an api. the implementations might be more up to date.

as to your remark about the 'let me google that' link, the fifth result returned is this link, which leads quickly enough to the one I posted earlier:



Agree the terms and condition, then try to download from this site Click Here

Have A Happy Day..,

Raj.Mscking: you obviously did not read the previous posts, nor have you checked what it is you recommend for download.
there, you can only download the api, not an implementation.


I am Sorry Mr.Stultuske..,

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