Hi I am beginner in c++ , I have a console project and want to convert it to windows application , after 6-7 days trying I couldn't convert it and when I compile project I have many more errors

This is my console project: http://uploaded.net/file/8yv5u1s7

Please convert it for me to windows gui application to help me thanks a lot

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First off, no one here is going to download a ZIP file off of an unfamiliar site, sight unseen. Even if you didn't put a virus in the archive, there are too many ways one could have gotten into it. Please post your code here, using the CODE button, or else put it in someplace visible like Pastebin or a GitHub repo.

Actually, using GitHub would probably be a good idea anyway, as I am guessing you haven't been using revision control up until now. I highly recommend it - it is free (for public repos), it is easy to use, and it has loads of advantages for handling changes in your code. You'll need to download and install the client, and learn how to use it, but it isn't all that difficult.

Second, this is not a free 'do my project for me' forum. We are willing to help you, but we won't do the work for you. Show us your code in a manner acceptable to us, and we will give you what advice we can, but you will still need to carry your weight.

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