Hello Guys! :) I'm Shen. I'm new here and to programming also. I hope you guys could help me learn more about IT and stuffs 'cause I'm really interested in learning things about computers and the technology. And also, I'd be very happy to meet new friends in here too... :D

Hello Shen06, welcome at DaniWeb! :)

help me please

Ok. I take it you want help learning more. Do you know what you want to learn (or be able to do) yet? How are you learning right now?

Oh, thank you! :) umm. I'm a freshman, BSIT, and I want to have an advance knowledge about programming in c language.

I would want to learn HTML and C++ too.. but i want to be very familiar on C language first before taking visualVisual, HTML or C++ next sem.

Well looking through your textbook is probably a good start for C. This site have a pretty good reference if you need to look up anything specific. Your assignments are probably one of the most critial parts of being a good programmer (experience counts).

commented: Yeah.. I should jot notes more to have more reference... And yes you're right, this website is really awesome! :) I've been reading through some articles and posts in here and yeah, it really is so helpful. ^.^ Thank you for the advice and replies c: +0

You may like to look at these C examples that emulate some of the functions and objects available in C++

Beyond Beginning Computer Programming in C ...


C SOME UTILITY functions ...


split.h ... a C emulation of the Python spilt function to parse a string ...


Six Fast Steps to Programming in C


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