Hello everybody,
I need your help to solve my problem.
I've just upgraded my Windows from 7 Ultimate to 8, and my Dev-C++ (latest version - 5.7.1) it's compiler is becoming slower than when I use it in Windows 7 environment.
It takes more than 20 seconds to compile a simple program with 86 lines of code.
I've tried to run g++.exe as administrator.
Is there anyone know the way to fix this, please help me, thank you!

As far as I know Dev-C++ is no longer being maintained and doens't have support for windows 7/8. Perhaps you should consider using a different IDE

Actually, if the OP is using 5.7.1, then presumably their talking about the Orwell fork, which is maintained and up to date (with gcc 4.8.1).

Don't run g++ as administrator if it doesn't need it (I highly dout it will run faster).

This isn't a problem I normally hear about, and lots of people seem to be running it fine. So I have a feeling it's more to do with your particular setup.

Is anything else besides g++ effected? Do you have junk running in the background (even if it doesn't have a window)? Do you have some kind of HIPS protection, or sandboxing running? You can try to run g++ in compatibility mode, but I dout that will help.

I've just upgraded my Windows from 7 Ultimate to 8

I always make a point of re-installing the new operating system as opposed to updating (get rid of gunk, forces me to update my archives and test my backup system), or atleast installing the old os fresh and update. I find that updating sometines does weird things, and it leaves me with a junky system.

I was using Avira antivir,and i had the same problem,i noticed that the antivir causes the problem.I think you should check your anti-virus program if it does affect the DEV C++.

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