Hi Dw

I know this may not be popular to many people but it a standard for financial industry. I'm developing a WOSA XFS app, I've developed the part that deals with calculating denominations, determines how many CU can be dispensed for each CU denomination.

Now the problem is that do I have to create a class that will be a manager, and another that will be a service control, because the documentation says the App sends a command to it Service control and a service control will pass it to service manager and to Device service so now I'm stuck here because we have codes written in these ways:
And another one.
I'm using Visual C++

Any help or guide will be appreciated.

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Thanks, I've already seen and downloaded it and installed the SDK, I've also explored the files and found what I was looking for but now the problem is how do I link it all together so that it will pass data to manager and the manager will open the registry and open the service using the logical service name?


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