i ecounter problem again, this time different, i've success compile my project from.java to .jar then compile .jar to .exe,
then i have try my .exe result, so at first was working well, but when need connection to database, that was appear notification connection failed .. thats all my problem.. so help me...

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titus.k.s: you can't "compile jar to exe".
not to mention the fact, that if you want an exe, you shouldn't have written your application in java in the first place.
a failing connection to your database has nothing to do with running it from a jar or whatever, but by this little information, all we can do is guess.

for instance: maybe you had all the libraries in the path of your ide, but once you compiled it, and tried to run it without the ide ...


^^ so.. well done.. main class not set tee,hee i've forgot to set main class...
well , i will try run without ide now.. thank you.. see later :)

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