i just reacently had a thread, and it helped for the question i asked and i was looking through other thread and was wondering, where do you guys learn all of this about vb? i was taking a class(was because it ended yesterday) and it was a quarter class, im planning to try and take more next year(hopefully) but is there anywhere i can learn online without having to pay and all at my own pace? and also learn a lot, i saw a couple of sites but they really didnt show much, just basics like naming variables. pls post some really good sites or email me at xX.j.n.Xx@hotmail.com
all help appreciated

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You can find some free ebooks over the web, but I don't think that enough. To be a pro in VB you have to test what you are leaning. I always advise to start developing a simple application (ususally stock control). And ask about thinks that you can't process your self. I also advise to download some open source applications from the net (there 1000th of it) and then try to imitate it.

wayne, thanks for the movies, they will be really helpful, and kb.net, what ebooks are good and where can i find them?

I taught myself HTML/CSS, php, vb6, and VB.NET without taking any classes are using any ebooks. Just try to make a simple program or two to get used to it. I started with making my own versions of notepad and the windows calculator, and now I can do all sorts of things. Just pick projects and pursue them. You'll learn a lot.

but how do i choose to do a project when i dont know how to do anything about them? all the ebooks im finding i have to pay for, and i dont want that.

if you want free books, try your local library. but rcadble is absolutely correct. i haven't read a single programming book. learn by doing-- it's the best way. you will find as you undertake projects there will be many things you don't know how to do. some you will figure out after many tries and error messages... finally, you will tweak your code so it works. other ideas you will get from places like this or code samples posted on the net. I find (and I don't know what the general feeling is about this) these posts are very helpful for "getting the right idea" on how to achieve a specific task, but individual creativity must ALWAYS supplement the lessons from others...

so, without being mean, if you are a dummy, programming is not for you. i find personally, no matter where i am (on the train in the morning, out on the beach, etc. etc.), i am always running through 'what i want my program to do' and how 'i think i will make it happen' in my head. it's (somewhat) of a constant battle, but more like a really exciting challenge.

could you email me some program form(print screen pls) and coding that i could use so i can tweek it myself? because when i look at other's coding, i either dont understand it or i dont know what all the items are on the form.


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