Hey guys,
I made the game Rock Paper Scissors where 2 players can play against each other. Here is my client's GUI ( The server doesn't need 1) and I was wondering what else to do to make it better looking/more "advanced". Any feedback is appreciated - The entire GUI and styling is done using SceneBuilder (JavaFX) . The game works great


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How about three actual pictures for the R/P/S ?
And an animation that shows the result (eg scissors cutting paper) complete with appropriate sounds?

Love it James, especially the part with the animation. I haven't done anything animation wise in JavaFX and I think this is amazing idea, thanks!

Oh, just a question. How can I make the animations? Do I make them in a video editting software?

I'd look on the web first, if nothing then do something simple with an animated GIF (unless you already have expertise in video editing).

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