I have a website.
I'm making a cafe management system.
It's about to be ready. It can lock computers, unlock them for some time, use username and passwords, but the problem is that I can't make the SQL database on a website. I'm using web, and not LAN because I want it to be on the internet so I can control them wherever I go...
How to make an SQL Database online, and show me a sample to edit some data/like username-password-time.
Thanks in advance.

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You can set up a database (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc) in the Amazon cloud that your web site can access, and you can get to from anywhere. They all have command-line tools that let you query the data using standard SQL syntax.

Database is made disconnected from the net to move its physical records. There can be numerous approaches to make a database logged off. In any case there are three primary strategies which are utilized oftentimes to make the database logged off. These techniques are given beneath:-

With the assistance of Alter database Command, With the assistance of the Db_options, and With the assistance of Sql server administration studio.

Use the free packet and download a sql server managment studio. https://somee.com/default.aspx
Once you create your webiste you can you use login information from the website and manipulate with the database program which you have to install on your hardrivev (sql server managment studio),

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