Hi everyone,
First time here, my early days in c++, will really like to be mentored(the experts)

Do you need a place to start?

Yes,i actually am just starting from the scratch, so am still trying to get used to the Int, std, cout, if, while foo, and the rest of them, am still reading the books and watching the tutorials, if there is any secrets to getting to understand it well i will need a guide

Which books and tutorials are you going through already? Updated books are the best way to go (usually better then online tutorials and videos IMO). I would recommend you choose one comprehensive source and stick with it through and through as opposed to jumping through several sources. Do the assignments in the book as well (most of the actual learning would be done through assignments).

i was going through some lynda.com video tutorials and this cplusplus website, i thought they will be helpful, and what do you recommend?

The tutorial in cplusplus.com is good, but I would like to note a few things:

1) The website has a lack of assignments. You'll never learn programming just by reading about it. You need to be challenged to do it. This place has some simple assingments that might go well with the tutorials at cplusplus.com. That link also has tutorials of it's own, but I would suggest you just stick with one resource.

2) I would also like to mention that these tutorials are only teaching you the language C++ and it's skipping all of the other skills required for programming. See, learning how to program is more then learning programming languages. A comparision might be writting novels: "Learning English will help you write novels, but just knowing English isn't enough to write a good novel, even if your fluent. That requires another set of language independant skills". The same can be said about programming.

So, start off by learning some C++. Then look into some programming problems like the ones at project euler to learn some problem solving skills. Eventually you'll want to learn more about structures and algorithms (which is a good keyword to look up on google when your ready later on).

A thing about video tutorials: As a programmer, you'll need to actively learn something for nearly every project you do. Most things don't have video tutorials. Thus, I would suggest you try to stick to text based tutorials and official documentation as best as you can. This is also benificial since you can quickly glance back at it as a reference without skipping through a video online. That being said: if you think it will help you "ease" into programming, go ahead and do it if it's for the short term.

Thanks, i think this is what i needed, you are the best!