<I want to add items in listview vetically. i mean i want to add 32 datawords and it should be editable and before each dataword there shouold be a serial number and it should be non editable..i have attached the screeshot please have a look at it.i just want to make exactly same like that.(in that screenshot u can see 32 datawords with serailnumbers and each 4digit datawords are editable and those serial numbers(1-32) are non editable) can i make that using listview or is there anyother option in c# windows application to make it like that? and also i want to place one common text box and whatever im entering in that textbox should reflect in all those 32 datawords. can someone pleae help me out in this??>

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You would be able to do this with a listview yes. But it will be far from easy Have you tried anything on your own? start small instead of thinking of the entire application.

Click Here How to create a listview with columns

Click Here here are some examples on looping a listview which you will need to update values from the textbox.

this should help you get started. Once you created something we can help you further

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