Hello, i want to try to make a simple program that guesses the password of wifi for education purposes. And writing the guess program is the easy part but here comes the hard.

this is the way you connect to wifi with cmd **C:>netsh wlan connect name=wifiname **
But where to enter the password? And when i try this without the password it says i don't have a profile made for that network im trying to access.

So you think this is possible to do or i need some MAD skills?

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You definitely need some skills... I don't run windoze, so I can't comment on your use of netsh very intelligently, but from what I garner from some web searches and reading MS documentation on the tool, what you want to do is not possible.

The following may be of use:

To see available networks:
netsh wlan show networks

See encryption types:
netsh wlan show drivers

Note: For "Encryption", CCMP, is what shows up as "AES" in the wireless network properties. TKIP shows up as "TKIP" in the wireless network properties.

To see wireless interfaces:
netsh wlan show interfaces

See existing profiles:
netsh wlan show profiles

See profile info:
netsh wlan show profiles <profile name>

In concept, one should be able to add/create a profile using:

netsh wlan add profile

of course, one would have to create an appropriate XML file (containing the necessary information) first. As in "Deploying Wireless LAN settings with a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) from the command line" above.

Then to connect to the wiresless profile, use:

netsh wlan connect

If the information was correct, one should see that a connection was successfully made.

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