I was asked to show relations between data in a graph.
For example
object0 is related to object1 and object2
object1 is related to object 2
object2 is related to object0 and object1
object3 is related to object 1

then the graph will be as shown here Click Here

I searched for that and found this link which is the one I need but it is in 'WPF' or silverlight maybe which I don't know anything about it. I searched for a way to run the 'wpf' from the windows form project that I have but no good results.

I can use the 2 classes of the quickgraph demo (PocEdge.cs,PocVertex.cs) which I think that represents a graph datastructure and I can use a query to find objects related to each of the above objects and use the AddNewGraphEdge() to relate other objects to vertex.
but the problem is how can I draw the graph in the windows form project that I have.

If I am using the wrong way please correct it to me.

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these objects are found in database and they are dynamic so each time data will be fetched from database according to user input and create a graph datastructure (vertices and edges) and then draw this graph.

You should be able to create a user control for this in the WPF side and then use an element host in your winforms application. Here is a nice link describing it Click Here. You'll probably need to take the plunge and sharpen up on your WPF though. even if it's just a little bit

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thanks @Fenrir() that linked helped a lot and it was solved without knowing any wpf :)

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