I need to change the background image of a button that is declared in xaml, like this:

 <Button x:Name="btnBorder" Content="Moldura" Width="80" Height="80"
            <ImageBrush ImageSource="/Images/arrow-expand.png" AlignmentX="Center"  Stretch="None" x:Name="imgSourceArrow" />


and I'm trying to change the ImageSource of the ImageBrush. For that, I'm using this code in the code-behind:

ImageBrush imgb = new ImageBrush(new BitmapImage(new Uri("/Resources/arrow-expand.png")));
W.btnBorder.Background = imgb;

But when I run the Application, I get an error "UriFormatException was unhandled", "Invalid Uri"...
How can I reference the "arrow-expand.png" image inside the resources and transform it into an Uri String to be passed into the "new Uri" constructor?

My thanks in advanced

Have you tried giving it a literal path instead of a relative path?

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