Hi Dw

Is there anyone know how I can retrieve contacts from my cellphone connected via usb using vb.net?

I want to be able to read and perhaps write back contacts to and from a cellphone. Any idea, book, reference, guide towards achieving this?

Thank you.

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What kind of cell phone are you speaking of?

Are you using a smartphone or a basic phone?

If you have a smart phone, is it android,symbian,windows, or iOS?

Who is your carrier?

Some carriers place software on the phone (smart phones) that will launch when you connect the phone. (Verizon Backup Assistant)

I'm currently using BlackBerry and my Carrier is Cell C but a phone is from Vodacom but I'm not using Vodacom I'm using Cell C. The version of the OS is that the version wrote as App Version and the platform is

I once downloaded an Application which does what I want but now can't remember the name of it because it a bit old now, and also there were limitations but it enabled me to read SIM/Phone contacts from my phone via a computer when I've connected a USB cable to my phone and also it let me receive SMS/MMS on my phone but will be displayed on this software which means that the software had full of 80% access to my phone and SIM because it can display every message that I had received and I'm receiving on a computer, but what I want is to be able to read SIM card and Phone contacts and be able to like select it, copy it, etc.

I've seen something on MSDN but the problem is that I had accessed it via my phone so some codes are cutted off on the right hand so I have to use a computer to access it. I guess I will check that out tomorrow. Here's the address to it. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa446543.aspx

Thank you.

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