I have create windows application using visual Studio 2010, every things goes will, but I have problem with display crystal reports in arabic language. on my pc every things working and showing reports very will in arabic language, but when i create setup project and .exe file then install it at client pc the crystal report does not show the report, what is wrong ? what should i do ?

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First you should try to create a short basic reproducer of your problem.

Be sure any dependancies are correctly linked.

Maybe it's a problem related to the culture and settings on the client's PC (as in missing fonts or encoding).
As Suzie999 suggested, check the dependencies of your software with the client.

Also, provide the code of your software that is loading the data into the reports, maybe you've missed something.

yes I thing so,

I have added all crystal report dependencies from ( Setup -> add -> assmbly )
but i stell have this problem, i have done that before and every thing goes will but by wrong i have delete the setup project of my windows app, after that nothing goes will. any one have an idea what dependencies crystal report needs to deel with that problem ? or do i need any software or plugin to download at client pc (i do not thing so) ?

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