I have built Boost from the website using

./b2 install


I think all are installed properly. I am trying to use Xcode to include the library of boost:thread.My code links to the header file properly with " #include "boost/thread.hpp"" commented, as seen from the following:


However, it could not link properly to boost-thread if "#include "boost/thread.hpp"" is un-commented.


Error page is shown as:


I have linked the dynamic library libboost_thread.a and libboost_thread.dylib and included /usr/local/include into header search path and /usr/local/lib into library search path.


I am really desperate on knowing how to resolve this issue... Please help me. Thank you very much:)

You need to also add boost-system (libboost_system.a or libboost_system.dylib). And make sure to add it after boost-thread in the list of libraries to link with. This is just because boost-thread depends on boost-system, so both need to be linked, in that order.