I have an Access database I've set up with two tables; Employee info, and earnings records. I'm supposed to generate a report based on those who worked a certain ammount of hours, or those who worked three months in a row. The hours part was easy, the 'who worked more than three months in a row' part? Not so much.
I don't have a direction where to go on how to even begin that. Is there a tutorial that someone can point me towards? Can someone give me some general information on where to begin?
I'd appriciate it.

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You make an information of your Database with two Tables named 'Employee Info' and 'Earnings'. But you didn't say about the structure of the tables.
From your posting assumming that the 'Employee Info' Table has fields like Emp_Code, Emp_Name, Emp_Desig etc. It is normal. But you didn't define the structure of the Table 'Earnings', on which you had tried to perform a report.
I can also assume that in the table 'Earnings' you have field named like 'Working Hours'. I mean that this is the calcution portion of working hours, days,months,years of an employee. I say you this from my assumption, practically this problem occures every time.
From my point of view insert fields for working days, months and years. update the fields with cacuated values when you would try to update the working hours field for a certain employee. It could be shortened your problem at reporting time.

You make an information of your Database with two Tables named 'Employee Info' and 'Earnings'. But you didn't say about the structure of the tables.

I apologise for that.

"Acct num","Wage type","Units","Rate","Check date"

"Acct num","SS","Last name","First name","Mail address","City","State","Zip"

I have the check date set up to monitor who got paid each month. How would I rig it to look into the pattern?

It doesn't look like those tables have the appropriate information. You may be able to use check date. However, you probably should have kept track of pay period start date and pay period end date.

"Acct num","Wage type","Units","Rate","Check date"

What is "Wage Type" and "Units" ?
But here I haven't found the Working Hours Field

a certain ammount of hours

Did you use the "Units" field to store the values of total working hours ?

But It would be more trivial work to calculate the working hours, days, months etc. at the time of reporting and it would be more complex to coding.
It would be more easy if you insert another fields in the table corresponding to hours,days, months etc. and store the calculeted values at the field related to them at the time of updating the working hours for a certain person. It could be more easy way to check your conditions and make reports.

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