I have a question I am hoping someone canhelp me with.
I have a form that consists of a Tab Control..that is filled with text boxes..a ComboBox..and a Notes Box. I just really dont know what extension to put in the SaveFileDialog :(. Can I just put something like *.* or maybe All Files,,,or ...dunno. :(

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Set Filter property.

SaveFileDialog1.Filter = "Word Doc File|*.docx|(*.txt)|*.txt|All files (*.*)|*.*"

that kept giving me a invalid error.

But after thinking bout it all morning..is there a way I can keep my project as it is..but on my already made form somehow get an excel 2003 workbook into it?

I go up to project..expecting to see my 2003 office options..but they arent there. Just windows form, New Class, New Module...ect.
Can I make a workbook in excel 2003 and somehow import it into current windows app. project?

I do not know how to get excel into a already started windows form project.

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