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I am using a Telerik RadGridView object but I am guessing this should be very similar to a GridView in Visual Studio. The issue I am having is that I have a backdrop which loads the grid onto it. Basically a form within a form. What is happening is when I pull up the gridview, I have to click on the gridview in order to start scrolling with the mouse wheel. Would anybody know of a simple way to set the focus of the grid so that I can start scrolling with the mouse wheel immediately? I have tried setting radgridview.focus(); at the end of the load event but that won't work for some reason.

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I finally figured this one out. gridview.select() works perfect with a mousehover event. Inside of the mousehover event, everytime you hover over the grid, it will select the grid enabling you to start scrolling with the mouse wheel without having to first click on the grid. And for those wondering why I am not using gridview.focus() with the mouse hover, it is because if I have another form ontop of the gridview, then move my mouse over the gridview, it puts the gridview infront of the form I had up, hence setting the focus of the grid. Hopefully this will help someone else out there.

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