I am new in WCF and i am working on a desktop application in which i want to get data from my database on webserver where my domain is hosted. To connect to my database i must whitelist my ip, i want to get data from anywhere with any IP without whitelisting it. I searched and found that WCF can be used for that. i created simple WCF applicaton and hosted in my computer IIS, and comsumed it from other applications. but the problem is i couldnt deploy it on web server where my domain is, please help me deploy a simple HelloWorld like WCF service on a remote IIS. using any version of visual studio (mine is VS2012). sorry for bad English, i hope i was enough clear.

thanks for the reply, I have read all the articles you have sent, three of them were the once i have visited before. I can only upload any file using ftp, i have Windows shared accounts on a webserver (hostgator). i mean i cant open IIS configuration or anything that needs to be done by system administrator. how can i upload my service and create a virtual directory for that on remote web server to access my wcf service? is it possible? or is there any other way to connect to my sql database using any ip wihtout whitelisting my IP? or any way to disable IP whitelisting?. I can share an sql server database using VPN softwares(i used Hamachi) but clients want their database to be on web server. the result of all above is(sounds stupid) , IS IT POSSIBLE TO DEPLOY A SERVICE USING FTP AND CONSUME IT? because the only way i can upload is using ftp.thanks

You need to add it as an application in IIS. If you upload the code files using FTP, you can use IIS Manager to add the WCF application (as an application) to your website.

Note that you must have the HTTP Activation Service enabled on your server in order for this to work.

i did what you said on my own pc and it worked as it did before, but the problem is i can upload using ftp but cant open IIS Manager since i am a windows shared user.i can only use Plesk controll panel in which there isnt IIS Manager. i think it is imposible, therefor i am gonna do the project using PHP.thank you all, but please share any idea which you come up with. thanks and regards