one interesting application of computers is to display graphs and bar charts. Write an app taht reads three numbers between 1 and 30. Fro each number that's read, your app should display the same number of adjacent asterisks. for example, if your app reads the number 7, it should display *******.

Need help to write the code Im stuck!

This sounds like a homework assignment. Do you have any code begun?

Here's a tip:
To fill a string with repeating characters, use the string class constructor. For example, to fill a string with twenty asterisks:

string s = new string( '*', 20 );
commented: Good tip! and btw. welcome :) +15

Hi chen.vang.3 and Serena_1, welcome at DaniWeb :)
@chen.vang.3 if you make an effort to browse my snippets, you might find something of your liking. :)

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