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This language is built with python to give me a dynamic backend to make this possible.
The language is based off ASM opcodes but generalizes them into basic coding practices.

More info here: note: WIP

the language is meant to make it possible to convert between ASM and other languages:
Intel x86 >> UMCSL >> PPC
C++ >> UMCSL >> Python

note: Python isn't as simple as put...
actually none of those languages are that simple...
to actually convert between languages, complex libraries are required to map things to and from UMCSL.

if you can't really help now, don't worry about it...
I'll be posting simple animated examples showing how things are expected to work.
(we can better the design after that and fix various flaws)

I don't know much about ASM, which is one reason I'm asking this here.
(though I know alot about how ASM works, as I've come close to building a functional instant-wire basic x86 CPU in Minecraft)

One of the things I need help with designing is classes/objects...
(the linkage and instancing is what throws me off)

How would classes and instances be represented in ASM??
(I do know about the optimization which can scramble things up here)

And you might be able to see another issue I'm having...
I have a pointer system, but variables can contain dynamic data, so a types system is rather difficult to design.
(the current best for the pointer is to get the location of the dynamic representation of the data in virtual RAM)

One idea I've had for this is to use type constraints which are applied to the data heald by a variable.

For those wanting to know more about the design:
The design for this is to allow you to know what's going on in your code, but also allow room for dynamics.

for a few old examples of the design see here
(I had a viewer running, but scrapped it as everything about it was horrid)

for simulation, please wait for an animated example

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