It is possible to drag and drop an mailitem from Outlook to Explorer or MSWord or desktop.
In the same way Is It possible to drag to C# Windows Application?

Hi I am saravanan,
Can you please help me on this same issue, I want to DnD the mailitem from outlook to c# application. Can you please tell me or give the source code for the same.

This Problem was solved.

Hi Ramana,

Can you please share the code that you did to achieve this drag and drop functionality? I am using VB2003 and I want to do a drag and drag from outlook and save it to a temp location as a .msg file. It would be really helpful if you could share the code.

Thanks in advance.


Please find attached DragDrop Windows application. This application just have an textbox. You have to drag the mail from Ourlook to this textbox. The original mail is saved in temp folder and its path is displayed in this textbox. If this solves your problem kindly get back.


Hi Ramana, Thanks for the code.

But i am able to get this far. What about the security warning. I dont want the security warning coming up everytime I DnD a message. Were you able to bypass it?


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