Hello ladies and gentleman of Daniweb.com. I wanted to ask a question about publishing an application, or a program to put online. But all of my code is neatly organized (PY) modules which canc only urn if you have python installed and I don't want to make people install python just to run my program. I just want to make it into something like an (EXE) or something executable on windows to install everthing. Alright thanks! Also can I have some input about publishing mobile apps??? Thanks again!!!

You need a web server (such as Apache) that is capable of executing Python scripts.

Then, when I go to http://www.example.com/your-page.py the executed HTML appears, that my browser is able to render.

I would have suggested something like cx_Freeze, but I guess the problem is already solved.

No no go on. @HiHe

I've started using the software and it seems to work!