Hello. I'm running injection tests on an SQL database and I found a good script to do so....But it takes command line parameters which I can't execute properly because the command would normally look somthing like this......
python sqlmap.py -u "url.com" --batch. But I can't seem to do that because I have portable python. Can somebody please help.

Try something like this ...

import subprocess

# use the full path you have
scriptfile = r"C:\PortablePython3.2.5.1\Scripts\sqlmap.py"
python3 = r"C:\PortablePython3.2.5.1\Python-Portable.exe"
cmd = '-u "url.com" --batch'

subprocess.call([python3, scriptfile, cmd])

You have to supply the full path of your script file and Python.exe file.

Are you sure your command sequence is correct?

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I would just write a DOS batch file and run that from Python with something like

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