Hello. I'm running injection tests on an SQL database and I found a good script to do so....But it takes command line parameters which I can't execute properly because the command would normally look somthing like this......
python sqlmap.py -u "url.com" --batch. But I can't seem to do that because I have portable python. Can somebody please help.

Try something like this ...

import subprocess

# use the full path you have
scriptfile = r"C:\PortablePython3.2.5.1\Scripts\sqlmap.py"
python3 = r"C:\PortablePython3.2.5.1\Python-Portable.exe"
cmd = '-u "url.com" --batch'

subprocess.call([python3, scriptfile, cmd])

I take it that is python3 correct???

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so far nothing is working.

You have to supply the full path of your script file and Python.exe file.

Are you sure your command sequence is correct?

ohhhhhhhhh duhhh, that's what I forgot to do.

Nope, still isn't working properly.

I would just write a DOS batch file and run that from Python with something like

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