A certain company wants to improve the rate at which their login system is accessed and you have been
tasked to carry out this project. In this project, you will consider the problem of organizing a collection of
computer user-ids and passwords. Each time a user logs in to the system by entering his or her user-id
and a secret password, the system must check the validity of this user-id and password to verify that this
is a legitimate user. Because this validation must be done many times each day, it is necessary to
structure this information in such a way that it can be searched rapidly. Moreover, this must be a
dynamic structure because new users are regularly added to the system and some users deleted from the
Upon execution of your program, it should first read the user-ids and passwords from a text file and
create a binary search tree using the user-id as a key (assume unique user-ids for convenience). Once
the tree has been built, it should display the following menu on a Graphical User Interface (GUI):
(1) Add new user
(2) Delete user
(3) Verify user
(4) Print users
(5) Quit
Option (1) and (2) simply add/delete new/existing users. When option (3) is selected, the user is
supposed to enter a user-id and a password. Then, you should search the tree and a print message like
"Valid User" or "Invalid User". When option (4) is selected, the users and their passwords should be
printed out in alphabetical order on a Table. Finally, when option (5) is selected, the elements of the
binary search tree should be stored to a file and execution should be terminated. Create a very good GUI.

question requirements
This project is intended to assess and test the students’ understanding and application of data structures
(especially binary search trees) and their associated algorithms. The project is divided into 3 parts. As
Part 1: Draw the class diagrams that represents the logic of the program described in the specification
Part 2: Write a program in Java that implements the pseudocode written in part 2.

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