Hi Dw

I want to record video with audio, the current program has two forms of which one form record external video and the other form record internal so I've reduced the size of an external video capture to lower right hand corner of my screen and set it to always be top because the internal video record is the one that record and save video to disk but now I want to include audio. Any idea of how I can include audio to a video?

I do have another program that can record external audio from built-in mic and plugged mic maybe is there a way I can say embed the audio to the video before the video is written(saved) to disc?

Any suggestion, sample of how to do this will be appreciated.

Thank you.

I suppose it could be done by Multimedia control.

But how?

On my laptop it came with a program called Power something which was able to record video with an audio and it had a webcam previewer which acts as a mirror but then my laptop crashed and I re-inserted an OS that came with it but the disk samsung issued with these laptops do not have drivers not even drivers for wifi or intel graphics and now I can't get hold of this program so I decided to try develop mine but the problem is how to record video with audio enabled or a way to embed it while the video is recorded.

When you say "embed the audio to the video before the video is written(saved) to disc" are you talking about the actual audio data coming from the mic or do you mean copy the code that is responsible for capturing the mic data?
I'm asking because you can actually capture the mic data (stream) and manually deliver it to the DirectShow and save it as a part of the resulting file(at least in theory) but it a lot of work and a little bit complicated.
There are many sdks and sample for capturing video and audio from a webcam on the internet (among other functionalities). I personally used leadtools to do that among other processing.
However, if you just want to add the audio capture, you can use Microsoft's functions to do that. I found the following sample that might help you:

Sorry to post the answer now was a bit busy. I used a audio recorder and a screen recorder then they both create their own files on the disc and they both start recording and stop recording sametime even though at the moment its not 100% the lengths but the ffmpeg tool to combine audio and video together to get one AVI file that has both audio and video.

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