hi all,
i want to create a full duplex voice communication system that transfer voice in a LAN network i will be greatful for any help that you could provide since i do not know how java deal with voice and how it convert it from analog to digital

thanxs in advance.

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do you know how google work and how it transfers questions into answers ?
what exactly are you looking for? a list of java librariess you can use to use natural speech ?

actually i know how google work and i search in google and i did not find something that could help me that's why i open a thread in daniweb and since i do not have a good experince with voice and it is transmission i do not know the exact steps to do such a system .

Hey lena,
There was a daniweb member trying to create voIP using java, as far as I know he didn't manage to finish that project, it seems to be difficult in a way, but if you start and show us some work I am pretty sure we'll figure out something but for start I'd like to point you to look here :)

hi slavi,
thanks for your help i decide to create the same system but in smartphones i will appericate any help from you if you do not mind

the main problem of course is interfacing with the hardware.
Once you have a stream of data, sending that stream over an IP network is no different from sending any other stream of data.
And Java has well documented APIs to do that (as I'm sure you're aware of if you know how google works, which you claim to do).

And those hardware interfaces depend heavily on the hardware in question, the manufacturer will have the information about it.

thanx for replay what kind of API are we talking about > those that capture voice from mic and convert it to digital

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