A well-known supermarket employs you to develop an inventory control system. You decided implement it by Object Oriented Programming (Java) because of programs written by Java is easy to enhance and maintenance.

The system will control the inventory of 3 shops (Shop 1, Shop 2, and Shop 3).

The system has the following basic functions:

  1. When the numbers of products in stock is below 10, a warning message will be shown.
  2. Shopkeeper can update the inventory after the delivery of goods.
  3. The selling report can be generated.
  4. The total income of a day can be displayed.
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so, you managed to copy-paste your school assignment.
congratulations. now, open up notepad, or your IDE, write the code, compile it and run it.
if you get stuck somewhere, then post the code here and ask questions accompanied by relevant information: the actual code, the error (message) you get, ...

please read a little something about this platform before you ask for help. Like Ancient Dragon will say "we don't do your homework for you". Programming demands that you try, retry and think harder before you ask for help :)

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