Create a Flowchart and C++ Program for the problem below. Click turn-in and attach your answers in .doc format. Please dont attach .cpp or .exe files of your program, just paste the code in MS Word below the flowchart, you may use Courier New font for the program. Thanks.

Problem: A 25m Race Track is divided into 5m of Regular Soil, 4m of Rubberized Floor, 7m of Mud and 9m of Asphalt. Create a program that will accept the distance covered in meters from the starting line and outputs which part of the Race Track they will land.


If input is 2m, they will land on Regular Soil.

If input is 8m, they will land on Rubberized Floor.

If input is 19m, they will land on Asphalt.

If input is 27m, they will land on Regular Soil.

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