hi i have a problem but i'm not sure if this post goes here or not. anyway here goes.
i just started a course in chinese and the name is"huibian yuyan sheji" (for those that understand chinese) which translates to "compilation language and design". now i have typed the english translation into google for tutorial sites but i get no sensible result. my question is, is there a course called "compilation language and design" or is it refered to as something else?

i'm sorry if what i said doesnt make much sense, if anyone needs clearification pls let me know.

Maybe "compiler construction" and "programming language design" are better search terms.

ok thanks...i've gotten a few tutorials. another question, it looks like this compilaion language uses code sort of like that of C++. so can i use any c++ compiler to practice compiling this?

That depends. If the compiler is *written* in C++, you have to use a C++ compiler and an assembler (assuming that the compiler compiles to assembly).

If the compiler compiles *to* C++ and is written in C++, you need a compiler only.