I need a little help.
I'm working with Drag and Drop between FlowLayouPanels, but I have issue, something is not suitable for me.
I want to reorder controls on flowlayoutpanel by location, not by index, is that possible ?
I'm asking because example: On one flowlayout I need to be empty first 100 pixels. I don't want to put padding or margins, because I don't know which control will be first.


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Hi danchi, welcome at DaniWeb.
I guess in your situation a TableLayout control would be more suitable. With it you can arrange your controls in any place you like. A FlowLayout control is always one control after the other.

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Hi ddanbe,
It is not helping me TableLayoutPanel, because of one reason. I want to implement my own daily planner, so for one day I can have 1 to many tasks, and with TableLayoutPanel, I don't know maybe is possible but I didn't found solution how to share one column with many controls...
That's the reason why I ask for FlowLayoutPanel.
I can't put one task to second half of Today and first half of tomorrow. I need flexibility...

Is difficult to made own Control Container where it will be possible to drag and drop child controls on way which I want :)?

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