hi all
how do you build a java game called a multiple maths game. can anyone give me any advice, now I say advice to at least guide me in the right direction.

I have to build a multiple maths game in java with levels, easy meduim and difficult. how do i start and where do I start. need some guidance and advice.

you make an analysis,
you write the code based on this analysis,
you compile the code,
if needed, you fix any compilation errors,
run the code,
if needed, fix any run time errors you encounter,
have your application tested by someone else (test phase)
fix any bugs they encounter

repeat the last two steps until no more bugs are found

Write down a brief description of what the game is - its rules etc.
Write down a few examples of how it would look when a user uses it.
(Use any format or medium that suits you - pencil & paper, blackboard etc)

Then (and not before) think about what methods you would have to write to implement the user examples

thanks jamescherrill,stultuske, very much

What I described is a highly over-simplified version of "use case modelling", which is often used as the first step in specifying and designing object-oriented software. I use this in some form or another all the time.
It can get very technical and detailed, but even a very simple poncil and paper version can be valuable.
Here's a really simple explanation of the basics that I can recommend to you.