i'am trying to create a setup file for my system where it has a database...can you help me???...i've tried to search it but it's only for mssql...

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is your database is now existing in your project?

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is your database is now existing in your project?

In MySql databases reside in C:\ProgramData\MySql\Data folder if your OS is Windows 7 or Latter.

From my point of view, make a BackUp File of your database and attache it at the time of creating a setup file(specify its destination folder). After loading your project Restore the database from the BackUp file.

In .INI file of MySql I tried several times to change the default Path to save database from WorkBentch. But it didn't work.

well i don't know anything in creating setup file so i want to ask it how to create it from the top

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